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DIN 7/16

7/16 (DIN connectors) are designed for use in communications systems with power levels of 100 watts per channel. Deutsh Industries Norm (DIN) is an acronym for German standards that apply to 7/16 connectors and are gaining acceptance worldwide. Cross RF DIN connectors feature rugged design, high power transmission, and low intermodulation distortion.
Impedance 50Ω
Frequency range DC 7.5GHz combination types: DC 1GHz
V.S.W.R 1.10 max
Insertion loss 0.05 × √Frequency(GHz) [dB]
RF leakage ≥ 128dB
Dielectric withstanding voltage (at sea level) 4.0 kV rms, 50Hz
-combination system 2.0 kV rms, 50Hz
Working voltage (at sea level) ≤ 2.7kV rms, 50Hz
-combination system ≤ 1.0kV rms, 50Hz
Insulation resistance ≥ 10⁴mΩ
Contact resistance - center contact ≤ 0.4mΩ
- outer contact ≤ 1.5mΩ
Coupling nut torque  
- recommended 25Nm...30Nm / 221 in.-ibs...260in.-ibs
- proof torque 35Nm / 310 in.-ibs
Coupling nut retention force ≥ 1000N / 225.0 ibs
Contact captivation ≥ 200N / 45.0 ibs
Durability(matings) ≥ 500
Bodies Brass
Pin contact  
Outer contacts, jacks Berylium copper
Socket contact  
Crimp ferrules Copper
Insulators, standard version PTFE(Teflon)
Gaskets Silicone rubber
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